Latency Shootout

The following table is the results of the end-to-end latency measurements were gathered on the Level3 Backbone. The service with the lowest latency for each Level3 POP is highlighted.

The networks chosen all have multi-gigabit connectivity, a great reputation and strong SLA’s. But how do they stack up on latency, the bottleneck in real-world tcp performance?

The provider with the lowest latency is highlighted for each city on Level3′s Network

City CacheFly RackSpace HostWay The Planet Interland
Atlanta, GA 12ms 32ms 20ms 20ms 28ms
Baltimore, MD 1ms 52ms 20ms 36ms 20ms
Boston, MA 8ms 56ms 20ms 40ms 24ms
Chicago, IL 1ms 36ms 12ms 36ms 28ms
Cincinnati, OH 4ms 36ms 12ms 40ms 36ms
Cleveland, OH 8ms 44ms 16ms 40ms 20ms
Charlotte, NC 16ms 36ms 24ms 24ms 32ms
Dallas, TX 1ms 4ms 36ms 1ms 32ms
Denver, CO 16ms 20ms 24ms 16ms 44ms
Detroit, MI 4ms 40ms 4ms 44ms 36ms
FIX-West NAP San Jose 1ms 60ms 56ms 44ms 76ms
Garden City, NY 8ms 56ms 20ms 36ms 16ms
Houston, TX 12ms 12ms 40ms 20ms 40ms
Los Angeles, CA 12ms 48ms 68ms 32ms 68ms
Las Vegas, NV 16ms 52ms 44ms 32ms 78ms
Miami, FL 28ms 44ms 32ms 32ms 40ms
Newark, NJ 4ms 52ms 20ms 36ms 20ms
New York, NY 4ms 52ms 20ms 36ms 20ms
Oakland, CA 1ms 64ms 60ms 44ms 76ms
Orlando, FL 24ms 56ms 28ms 28ms 36ms
Philadelphia, PA 4ms 52ms 24ms 36ms 20ms
Phoenix, AZ 20ms 48ms 60ms 24ms 64ms
Raleigh, NC 4ms 56ms 20ms 36ms 20ms
Richmond, VA 8ms 56ms 20ms 36ms 16ms
Sacramento, CA 4ms 60ms 64ms 44ms 80ms
San Antonio, TX 10ms 16ms 48ms 8ms 40ms
San Diego, CA 12ms 48ms 64ms 28ms 68ms
Seattle, WA 20ms 64ms 48ms 40ms 72ms
San Francisco, CA 1ms 60ms 56ms 44ms 76ms
San Jose, CA 1ms 60ms 64ms 44ms 76ms
Salt Lake City, UT 24ms 52ms 36ms 24ms 56ms
Saint Louis, MO 4ms 32ms 4ms 32ms 32ms
Stamford, CT 4ms 52ms 24ms 36ms 20ms
Tampa, FL 32ms 40ms 36ms 24ms 48ms
Tustin, CA 12ms 48ms 72ms 32ms 68ms
Washington, DC 1ms 52ms 40ms 32ms 16ms
Weehawken, NJ 4ms 52ms 24ms 40ms 20ms
CacheFly RackSpace HostWay The Planet Interland
Average Latency 12.19ms 47.22ms 35.55ms 33.25ms 43.33ms

The numbers speak for themselves – CacheFly outperformed the competition:

    2.5x faster than The Planet
    2.9x faster than HostWay

    3.5x faster than Interland

    3.9x faster than RackSpace

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